Last week, a lazy Sunday evening on the Sofa.
Tobias: Oh I’m an old man. I need 3 days rest to recover from 4 days working.
Me: You’re so blessed, not everyone could have what you have, working 80% and love what you’re doing. Priceless!

Me: Better is one hand open with rest, and another hand is working. Than both hands are working and chasing.
Tobias: True! Is that a Chinese wisdom?
Me: A quote in the Bible I read this morning hehe.

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On Saturday morning, me and Tobias went for a stroll to a nearby farmer-market, laughing at jokes.
Tobias: I think I laughed more than you. Because I smile every time I see you.

Me: This morning I read a post on Facebook about marriage. It said marriage is hard because life is hard. Relationships are hard. Parenting is hard. Work is hard. We should work harder! 

Me: Look at us! I never think like that. I enjoy you, enjoy us. Sadly, society always told us to work harder, and scarcely motivates us to pause and enjoy the present.

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