A few days ago, before I fell asleep, I told Tobias that I was looking for inspiration to write for my next post.
Tobias: “you could write something that is not spiritual.”
Me: “I can, but I can’t”

This is not the first time I received a suggestion like this. So, I decided to use this article to ask you to ask me anything, so you’ll get to know me better.

Here are already some questions I got.

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During my morning tea routine, I was thinking about the charity project we are currently organising. We are collecting donations to buy shoes for 157 school kids in Kalimantan (Borneo). My mind was occupied with how to find the best shoe distributor, the best company for sending them, and how to reach the our goal as cost effective as possible. As I was lost in my own mind, thinking of options, Tobias was smiling happily.

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