I love him and
he loves me.
His love is better than wine,
Our vineyards are in blossom,
so wonderful.

He is mine and 
I am his.
His banner over me is love.
When the sun rises,
he hugs me and says:
Arise, my love, my beautiful one.

My beloved,
my everything.
He is radiant,
the finest among all men I know.
His eyes show the warmth and kindness of his soul
he looks for the goodness in others.
His cheeks elicit a myriad of sincerity and happiness.
His lips speak words of kindness and knowledge,
and his kisses make my earth tremble.
With his arms, he builds me up,
strong to protect and gentle to hold me.
His body is formed with bravery, peace, courage, humbleness and integrity.
His legs walk in wisdom, excellent and righteousness.
His appearance is noble,
he brings light and joy every time I see him
He is blessed, and entirely desirable.

He is my fortress,
my earthly rock.
He laid a save beautiful green pasture, 
for me to dance free like a gazelle.
I lack nothing.

He is a gardener of my soul.
He nurtures me, refreshes me,
each day I am blossoming,
emitting a delightful fragrance,
to him and my surroundings.

He is where I anchored,
my most faithful one,
who I honor,
my husband, Tobias.

Today when the sun arose, I said to him:
I set you as a seal upon my heart.
Forever I love you.
Happy birthday ❤ .


One day in Autumn 2016. I opened my heart. He makes me shine like a gold!
2 months later in December 2016.
Celebrated New Year 2018 as a couple!
My first winter-wonderland experience with him
February 2017. Got my parents blessing!
Off we go to Bali! Pre-wed honeymoon!
Excited with the road ahead of us!
But then in March 2017, I was diagnosed with tumor in my brainstem
5 April 2017.
Yes! I do!
On the same week, the doctor told us that it’s late stage incurable brainstem cancer. With prognosis 2 years max.
Mei 2017, my parents visited us! Also to congratulate us as husband and wife.
Following days after my parents arrival, I went through biopsy.
It changed our life.
My days since then filled with treatments. My physical abilities deteriorating.
But he managed to bring me a smile everyday! June 2017, he trowed me a birthday party
He always take me with him whenever he go. Oh since then I travelled a lot! October 2017
Our road is rocky. But together, we managed to cross it, one day at a time, feeling joyful with thankful heart.
Celebrate Christmas 2017, New Year 2018, and his birthday in 9 January. As husband and wife.
We like music concert
Celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary! 5 April 2018
We did a lot of activities in 2018
We enjoy us
Again he threw me a birthday bbq party. June 2018
Another music concert! Calexico
We are easy to feel happy from little things
August 2018. We made it to China. Yew, we conquered Great Wall
and met my family too! Proudly introduce you our sweetest niece Yuna
During summer-autumn, he rode me by bike to German Languange School, before work. This pic is in November 2018.
In December 2018. The MRI showed tumor is progressing. There’s no standard chemo regime available anymore. But, I still have my fresh orange juice made by Tobias every morning.
New Year 2019
This morning! Tobias is holding handy ready for selfie. “Tell me when you’re ready”! “Oh then it’ll take awhile” (fixing my hair) Click click “Done!” (looking at me smiling innocently)

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