hear my mourning and my sorrow.
Why do You cut short the days of their youth?
Why do You not stand by them in battle?
Lend Your ear to my cry, Lord.

Do You work wonders for the dead?
Do the departed rise up to praise You?
Is Your love declared in the grave?
Is Your faithfulness declared in the dust?
Is Your righteousness known in the land of forgetfulness?

Like a dream,
I saw my companions,
gained beautiful angel wings.
Lifted up,
welcomed by the Almighty Himself,
to their beautiful eternal home.

Full of glory,
splendor and majesty,
beyond anything this world could offer,
the fullness of joy,
the fellowship they have,
face to face with the Almighty.

Eternal happiness,
death has no hold on them,
Jesus Messiah has saved them.
Their good-bye is an answer to His prayer,
a wonderful communion in His Kingdom.
How precious they are for the Most High.
Their loving Father.

gladden our soul,
strengthen us,
lift up our spirits,
heal our broken hearts,
and restore us.
You are our Lord of comfort.

My hopeless grief turns to joyful tears,
knowing that the loved ones are with the Beloved.

To remember them,
I will count my days,
and present a heart of wisdom,
to live with courage and love,
with joy and a thankful heart.

Until we meet again in Heaven!

Remembering those who passed away from DIPG and cancer,

Special thanks to Facebook Page: DIPG Support and Awareness, DIPG Ponsgliom-information Und Unterstützung Betroffener for sharing updates on current DIPG fighters and always remembering those who passed away.

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