I love cooking. But since I have physical difficulties (double vision, weak arms), it’s quite challenging to be in the kitchen. However it doesn’t stop me from cooking. Here I share with you my simple recipes, that won’t take a lot of time to create comfy foods. 

My recipes will contain a lot of Asian dishes and rice. 
So I recommend to buy:
-Rice cooker
-Soy sauce 
-Oyster sauce 
-Sesame oil.

As my birthday (24 June) present for you, now I launched a new category in my blog: TITIEN’S KITCHEN.

Enjoy 😉


Time: 15 minutes.

Ingredients for 2:
Eggs 3-4 (beaten)
Cooked rice 200g /2 rice bowls
Spring onion (cut it with scissors)
Frozen peas (optional)
Cooking oil 3 tbsp
Chicken / vegetable bouillon
Salt and black pepper 
Light soy sauce 2 tbsp
Butter 20 g
Sesame oil

Let’s cook!
1. Heat your pan, when it is hot, pour oil.
2. When the oil is smoking hot, pour beaten eggs carefully, don’t scramble the eggs, don’t over cooked.
3. Push egg to the side of the pan, to allow space for your rice.
4. High heat, smoking hot, your rice goes in.
5. Mix with the egg, you might want to lower a bit the heat so your rice have no burnt color while mixing.
6. Keep stirring, pushing, folding. Frozen peas (optional) straight in, up the heat again, and keep stirring.
7. At the point when your rice grain are separating out nicely, lower a bit the heat, season it with light soy sauce, chicken bouillon, salt and pepper.
8. Spring onions straight in.
9. Add 20 g of butter.
10. A little drizzle of sesame oil.
11. Now, you see little grains of rice jumping up. Careful, you don’t want your rice charred. Once you’ve got dancing rice, then it’s ready. Serve.

1. Use day old rice, cold not too wet.
2. Fried rice teaches you about heat control, up and down at the right times. Then you should finish with a clean pan (no sticky pan), no mushy fried rice.

Simply delicious proper egg fried rice!
Guten Appetit 👍 

PS: If you try this at home please send me photos 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 😊Thanks.

(I forgot the frozen peas)
Pour the egg when the oil is smoking hot
Do not scramble. Just gently push it to the side of the pan.
Eggs half cooked, rice in.
Mix well
A handful of frozen peas (optional).
Lower the heat. Seasoning: soy sauce, chicken/vegetable bouillon, salt and pepper. Throw in spring onions.
Up the heat again, add butter and drizzle it with sesame oil. Mix well and serve.
Ta-da! 🤤

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