Dear Bakery Meier,

My wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the spring of 2017. A side effect of the biopsy required for this was that she was no longer able to swallow and had to be fed through a feeding tube for weeks.

She learned to eat again with great effort, and one goal drove her on: for her birthday on 24 June, she wanted to drink tea with me and eat one of her beloved nut pastries rom you.

Her wish became true and on her 36th birthday, we could sit on our balcony in Lessingstraße in the sunshine and eat nut pastries. I have attached two photos of that time here to the mail.

This year her tumour started to grow again and her condition has unfortunately worsened rapidly. At the moment she can still eat very slowly and with a lot of effort, we don’t know how long she will still be able to swallow. On June 24th my wife will be 39 years old and she wishes to have a nut pastry again.

We shop every Saturday in your branch in the Sophienstraße. These days, I push her in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, you have not had any nut pastries for a few months now. We have tried it with raisin snails, with nutcroissants, walnut-yeast buns or currant-yeast buns. Nothing can replace a nut pastry from you.

Would it be possible for you to bake nut pastries again on 24 June?

Thank you very much and best regards


Hello Mr. Maier,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We are at a loss for words.

We are happy to fulfil your wish and you can pick up our nut pastries on 24th June in the Sophienstrasse bakery.

We wish you ALL the best.


  1. There is so much love & kindness in the world ♥️Thank you for showing me that. I will add a nut pastry to my list, along with the crazy porridge I have to try too. Happy Birthday Titien. I know you are very loved

  2. Happy birthday, dear Titien. I am so glad you could get the nut pastries for your birthday. I know it is a very terrible situation, I still pray a miracle will happen and the stupid tumor will disappear. All the best to you and your family, beautiful Titien. Much love.

  3. Happy birthday Titien!! I love your blog. I just wanted you to know that your positive words are so encouraging and I believe your mission from God is to spread his word, which you have done an amazing job with! Prayers for peace and comfort for you!

  4. Happy Birthday dear Titien!! What a wonderful birthday present. I love it. You both are making the world a better place and bring the best out of people. Thanks for sharing the love, the joy…

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