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Back home in Germany safe and sound from our wonderful trip in Catalonia 🇪🇸.

Praise God for His grace upon me. I really enjoyed time in Tarragona, physically also fit. I walked explore the city, visited beautiful scenic spots, climbed rocky terrain, enjoyed delicious food.

Last Monday I had chemo CCNU 120 mg.
This week Monday onward for 2 weeks, I take 50 mg Procarbazin daily.

I took blood test this morning, hope numbers are ok.

On Thursday, me and my husband plan to go road trip to Denmark to spend Christmas with his brothers and family.

Currently I am ok. I swallow, I talk, I walk. Double vision still the same, and a bit problem with balance, but I can cope.

I have sleeping problem, always wake up at midnight and can’t back to sleep. Try to solve this without sleeping pill.

Left side body still feel electrocuted feelings, left shoulder in pain when putting on clothes. This is quite annoying in winter because I have to put off/on Jacket. Hopefully it will get better in the next few days with heat patch/massage oil.

Yesterday I was sad remember the doctor statement about my survival time (months). I talked to my husband, and he comforted me, said “maybe your case will be the exceptional one. You’re doing well now“.

I hope so. Miracle beat the odd. I experienced many miracles (Found my love Tobias, friends supporting me, I can swallow/walk again, family reconciliation, trips to many places). I will continue believing His loving kindness never failed me.

Appreciate your prayer for miracle, for peace and joy, for chemo works, and for my next trip to Denmark to celebrate Christmas. Thank you. 🤗

I wish you and family a merry Christmas 🎄❤️

PS: Share you some pictures from my Catalonia trip 😊

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