Second Line Chemo Treatment


Today I start the first cycle of my 2nd line treatment, PC Chemo: 1d CCNU, 6d rest, 13d Procarbazine, 8d rest.

1st line treatment was Temodal Chemo, but unfortunately it’s not working. MRI in early November showed tumor progression.

The doctor said side effects will be similar with Temodal. With Temodal, I experience fatigue, hair fall, and dropping white blood cells level. No extreme nausea and puking.

Tomorrow I will fly to Barcelona with my husband and stay in Tarragona until next Monday. Next Wednesday we will drive to Denmark to spend Christmas with my husband’s brothers and family.

Appreciate your prayer for miracles, for this time chemo works and less side effects, and for wonderful trips. Thanks 🙏 🤗

With love,

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