Good and bad people at the end are the same, everyone will facing death . So what makes difference?


Beautiful day in Cardona, Spain. Sunny and warm. Look around and see how magnificent His works. Remind me to humble more my heart, and thankful for what I still have now.

It was a miracle that I came to this life 36 years ago, I grew up become a beautiful woman with good education, I play piano,I travel a lot and have some amazing experiences that not everyone has. But these are temporary. One day physical beauty is fleeting, journey and experiences will be forgotten. I came to life naked with nothing, one day I will leave this life also naked with nothing.

Question to myself is that the rich, poor, Harvard graduated, uneducated, president, beggar, believer, non believer, strong, disable, nobel, the end, all the same! 
One day all of them will die. Each men will go back into the earth as ashes or dirt. So, what makes difference?


After I think about it, personally I think its about afterlife, and the impact and impression I left to people surround me. Do I live a meaningful life? Am I sure there is heaven?

Meaningful life differs from happy life, happiness is personal feeling comes from condition; meaningful life involving both personal and others, comes from choices

Its our choices: Anger or smile, cold or warm, liar or loyal, disrespect or respect, grumpy or lovely, hate or forgive, encourage or discourage, on time or delay, build or destroy.
I think one thing that have great impact, and is unforgettable, is LOVE.

About afterlife, truly only by His grace that I have faith, that Father in Heaven loves me so much that He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Messiah to paid my sin, to save my soul, and to have my name written in the book of life. To tastes His goodness (loving husband and supportive friends)

I think the message for me today is: 
Human is fragile, death is unavoidable. One day, no exception, everyone, good and bad people will perish. 
Love God, and love others.

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