This early morning, I was crying and sad assuming some of our friends might think how poor we are, especially my husband, having a wife with a fatal brainstem tumor. Guilt grabbed my heart and mind, what is good things left from me I could give him? I am just a burden. Negativity kept punching me more, tried to drown my soul.


My husband, Tobias comforted me and said that he doesn’t care what people may think, because he never feel this happy with me, he sees me, not my disease nor appearance, but Titien. We cook together, laughing at lame jokes, share fears and burdens, and comfort each other. We love us.

“I have finally found you, it took me 40 years, I never been this happy in my life. Now I know what is love. It’s not about the disease, you give much, I am the happiest man alive, I love you with my whole heart, I marry you!”

DIPG took a lot from us, but not our essence of life. 
We are not it’s victim.


I am no victim.
I live with vision and hope,
that is to share encouragement and love, 
because I tastes God’s goodness, my husband’s reckless love, my family and friends supports.

I am no orphan.
I have Heavenly Father that is my stronghold,
I am who He says I am, I am defined by His promises.
I have my husband as my home in this life, I feel safe.
I have family and friends that sustain me, to put smile on my face.

We are not poor, we are rich.
Me and my husband never feel this love and happiness in our life. Although we don’t have written nor said awesome vows, but our marriage is the LIVING VOWS ever said. Each day, for better and for worse, in health and in sickness, we cherish, we cry, we laugh, we hug, we kiss, we crazy in love, till death do us apart.

My flesh and mind may fail, but not my soul.
Forever God is my portion, Tobias is my strength, you are my comfort.

For DIPG and cancer warriors, we are not a loser nor victim. We are VICTORIOUS! We experienced God and people’s love that make us brave! We see things differently, we appreciate. Take heart, you are like sunshine that brighten others life, to remind others there is morning after dark, there’s a rainbow in the rain, to be thankful and smile, to look around and found how blessed they are. I pray for peace, love, comfort and courage covering you wherever you are.

With love,

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