Tumor is Progressing 5 Months After Radiation

I am 36 years old daughter and wife. In May 2017, the biopsy result confirmed the initial diagnosis DIPG grade IV WHO, a rare tumor that grow in the pons of the brainstem.

In June 2017, I started my 6 weeks radiotherapy and Temodal chemo treatment. 

In November 2017, unfortunately MRT shows progression of the tumor. Doctor said I have only months to live.

Now we plan to take another chemo treatment. 

With my Lord Jesus and my loving husband by my side, my family and friends love and support, I will live my days.

Here I hope I can share information you’re looking for. To support each other. Share courage and fears, strengths and weaknesses. Knowing that you are not alone facing this. I feel you. My family and friends also feel you and pray for you.

I pray that in this difficult time, you may find comfort and blessings, joy and sweetness of love, peace and strength to get through your daily life.

With love,

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