Lumbar Puncture

I had lumbar puncture in March 2017 after diagnosed with a lesion that grow in pons. Here is some information through Q&A with me.

Q: What is lumbar puncture?

A: It is a procedure to collect cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to help diagnose some conditions that affect the brain and the spinal cord.

Q: How is a lumbar puncture carried out?

A: In my case, it was performed in the surgery room and the whole process took less than 30 minutes. The nurse attached devices to my chest and finger to monitor my heartbeat and blood pressure.

Instructed to sitting down on the bed and bend forward. The doctor then clean the lumbar region (the spinal  canal low in the back) with antiseptic. After my lower back numb from a local anesthetic, a hollow needle is inserted to withdrawn a small amount of cerebrospinal fluid from my spine. After that the needle is removed, and the doctor covered the puncture site with a bandage.

Q: Do lumbar puncture hurt?

A: Not at all. Only the local anesthetic stung briefly as it was injected. After the lumbar puncture I felt slight sore at the puncture site, last few days only.

Q: Why do you need a lumbar puncture?

A: Find  a cause for  a lesion in my brainstem possibly caused by an infection, inflammation, and cancer.

Q: How was the result?

A: Within 48 hours I got the result. I have no inflammation nor infection in my central nervous system. It has not show the malignant cells.

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