Today I share with you,
the most unique friendship I have,
it’s the sisterhood with Kayan and Ashlee.
Here’s our testimonies about our friendship,
The Beautiful Angels.


All of us met in Beijing.
I first met Titien at a Food & Beverage Fellowship, 
and later I brought her to my bible study group. 
Then our friendship started growing.
We hang-out for parties, dancing,
and manicure pedicure 😆

We had fun together, 
but also shared stuff 
that happened in our life,
including about relationships.

I would say I know 
most of Titien’s struggles in life, 
because she was trusting me enough 
to share it with me. 
To some point, it’s overwhelming,
when I was busy at work, 
I wasn’t able to give her all my attention.
I knew I couldn’t do it alone, 
there should be a way 
that we can share our struggles 
and pray together. 
I started to look for someone to help, 
someone that we both knew and trust, 
and I asked Ashlee to join.
That’s how 3 of us 
formed a groupchat together in 2015. 

‘Beautiful Angels” is full of stories, 
struggles and happiness, 
joy and tears too.
Our bond is growing stronger and deeper, 
even though we are separated 
in different locations on earth, 
but we are close in ❤️ heart! 

When we heard that 
Titien was diagnosed with terminal cancer, 
it was hard to believe! 
This group-chat became the place 
where we shared scriptures and songs,
and words to encourage 
Titien, Ashlee and myself.
Because we all fight this cancer together,
and never let her fighting alone. 

I am so blessed and encouraged 
by seeing the transformation of Titien.
Her body may grow weak, 
but her faith is growing strong! 

Together, we’ve experienced miracles, 
seeing God is at work for our good.
He listens to our prayers! 
Our sisterhood is indescribably extraordinary,
and I am so honored 
to have these 2 beautiful ladies 
that I called them ‘Sis’ ❤️


Life is always full of pleasant surprises, 
you’ll never know who God will bring, 
to walk this life’s journey with you! 

I remember when I first got acquainted 
with Titien in 2013 through Ka Yan, 
she was going through a rough patch 
and somehow I felt the urge 
to know her hurt and walk alongside her! 
despite her currently going through an illness 
that even the doctor has given up on 
at such a young age 
when life has so much more to offer; 
she has in turn bless 
and taught me so much more 
than what I thought I had been 
a friend to her at that time. 

In the days following Titien’s diagnosis, 
the 3 of us have drawn closer 
to one another than ever before, 
journeying through hardships together! 

We’ve witness our prayers answered, 
miraculous changes in each of our lives, 
especially in Titien’s. 

Her encounter with this beautiful Savior, Jesus, 
healed her from the inside out 
of all brokenness and hurts; 
it was turned into complete joy, thanksgiving, 
hope and most of all love! 

Whenever we have our conference call,
I’m always reminded of how blessed I am 
to be able to journey my life 
with these beautiful ladies! 

Looking back, 
I’m always amazed 
at how me, Ka Yan and Titien 
for different reasons left our home country 
and met in one of the world’s biggest city
with a population of 20 million, 
called Beijing! 

Making a friend takes a moment, 
being a friend takes a lifetime! 

Love you babes!! 


In June 2017,
I was in hospital for 2 months.
my angels kept sending me voice messages,
with encouraging words,
reading bible verses,
powerful prayers,
and even sang worship songs.
Even though I couldn’t reply them
because of my symptoms post-biopsy.

They contacted people around the world 
to reach out to me,
to visit me,
and set up prayer groups.

They were in tears sharing my suffering,
they were in joy sharing my recovery.

In July-August 2017,
after being back home from hospital,
they’re visited me.
they took care of me,
who completely depended on others.
They strengthened my faith,
they cooked for me,
they watched me while Tobias was at work,
they were simply not letting me feel alone.

In August 2018,
we all flew into Beijing.
We explored the city we used to live in together,
and showed Tobias around.

24 months post biopsy,
I’m still here in spite of getting the initial 2 years prognosis.
I don’t walk through life with DIPG alone,
they’re holding both my hands.
My life is a miracle,
this is the fruit of their prayers.


In 2013, first met Kayan and Ashlee in Beijing
Immediately we’re close. I trust her, Kayan.
We often popped up meet for dinner
In early 2014, I was not very close with Ashlee yet
But I like her, she’s fun to be with and totally attracted to her Singlish accent.
Overtime, our bond was growing stronger
I trust them
They’re the sisters I’ve never had
The Beautiful Angels are born on WeChat in 2015
In July-August 2017, they’re visited me. 
I was back home from hospital after biopsy and 6w radiotherapy.
They took care of me during their stay in Germany
Every time I talk with Ashlee, my accent is imitating her Singlish accent 😂 So contagious 🤣
My husband and my best friend are great swimmers 🏊 🏊‍♀️ . 
I can swim..heavy-stone style (drowning) or kicking style (struggling for help) 😝 .
❤️ In 2017, when they’re here.
We found out that we have same Chinese surname — “Lee” 😂 . 
We are the Lee Sisters 👯‍♀️ 
My everything ❤️
In August 2018. We met again in Beijing
We hiked on the less-touristic part of the Great Wall
We went for a stroll in the park
Visited touristic temples, although we’ve been there many times in the past.
Went to our favorite restaurants in Beijing.
More than I could ask for. 
They flew into Beijing to meet us.
They brought me joy.
My trip to Beijing was perfect because of them.
Beautiful memories are made.
Today, we’re still regularly meet with video-conferencing.
We chat for 1-2 hours 😝☺️

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