Hello friends, I’m still here.
So, I’m very happy to share with you again the thoughts I had lately.🤗

As per today, the COVID-19 pandemic has already affected 213 countries, more than 6.5million people, and taken more than 385.000 lives.

Many families were not able to visit COVID-19 patients in hospital.
Many patients are not able to have the funeral they would have wanted.
Many patients are alone facing their condition deteriorating.
Many patients are dying alone without family or with loved ones.
This is the harsh reality.
Patients are unable to see or speak with their families;
their families are unable to say “I love you” one last time.


In December 2019, Tobias and I flew to Seoul.
It was cold in Seoul. But, we met our family, and spent New Year 2020 with my parents, who flew in from Jakarta, and my brother’s Korean family.

In February 2020, Tobias and I managed to travel to Israel. Something not many Indonesians manage. Indonesia and Israel have no formal diplomatic ties. Yet, I had the chance to go with a visa from Germany to visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I experienced a bit the history of Jesus.

Then in March 2020, Tobias started working from home as the coronavirus-pandemic arrived in Germany. That was when I started to deteriorate physically. Now, Tobias is still home with me and I cannot be without help anymore.

Somehow, I know that all things work together for my good.
God is working in my suffering world.


Is that really true?
Is God good when we’re in pain?
Is God good when we’re in conflict?
Is God good when we’re depressed?
Is God good when we’re stressed out and worried?
Is God good when we’re under attack?
Is God really good all the time?
Is God good when we suffer?

Of course all things are not good.
It would be mockery to say that they are.
The death of a child from DIPG is not good.

Though I may not understand all the plans
God has for me,
but I trust my life in His hand.
I trust that He is the source of everything good in my life.
He gave me sufficient grace in these 3 years living with incurable brainstem cancer/DIPG.
I was loved and happy beyond what I could have imagined.

So, even when things get tough,
this is my standard,
I trust God is good.

In the past,
I always assumed that God was bad and simply didn’t care.
I was pessimistic about the future,
I lived in despair,
I lived in depression,
it was very discouraging.

But, now I know,
through faith I can clearly see,
God is good all the time.
Life may not be good all the time,
but God is good.
Hope is lifting around me.
I never feel alone in my journey with DIPG.

I heard from behind the green screen,
when Tobias and his colleague gave a seminar to professional scientists on career development.
A question raised amongst them:
What makes them happy?
They thought that it’s a good question to ponder.
They said maybe to pursue the career they wanted.

While listening to them, I thought:
I believe happiness is more than just a career.
It’s about being whole and content.
knowing why we exist,
knowing the purpose of our life,
knowing the meaning of our life,
knowing what matters in our life.


Everyday, my physical condition is getting worse.
I need help moving my body, be it sitting on the sofa or lying in bed.
Tobias knows how I want to be moved,
he said he moves me around like chicken on the grill.
I need help with taking a shower,
I need help drying my body,
I need help with putting lotion on my skin,
I need help with changing my clothes,
I need tissues all the time,
I drool a lot,
I need help with putting on my socks,
I need help with putting eye drops,
I need help with getting out of bed,
I need help to sit straight on the sofa,
I have difficulty with chewing,
I became slow like a sloth,
while Tobias is a fast eater, he inhales his food,
so he needs a lot of patience now,
waiting for me not rushing with food and choking.
I need help with opening a water bottle.
He always prepares Müsli or porridge with lots of fruits for our breakfast,
he knows I like my tea with honey 🍯,
he always makes us afternoon coffee.
I whispered to him slowly,
sometimes I type on my phone to communicate with him,
I need help with everything now,
I am basically like a big panda 🐼,
hopeless and cute,
crippled and disabled.

I cried a lot lately,
because I am losing my bodily functions,
and I’m aware of it,
yet there’s nothing I can do,
it stirs my heart with a lot of emotions.

Tobias is always there,
helps me without complaints,
only with smiles.
He loves me unconditionally,
he never feels ashamed with my changing appearance from taking steroids (cushing syndrome).
I don’t know what he sees in me.
I just melt in him.

Tobias loves me just as I am.
In the frailty and in the struggle.
Still lots of affections and intimacies,
tons of kisses, hugs and dances.

Life is full of situations,
to which I can no longer respond with part of myself,
but only with Tobias commitment,
a commitment lived out of understanding what love means.
He is unlocking life’s treasure, love.

Tobias is the greatest gift and blessings I have ever received from God.
I am so grateful to God for His goodness and His love,
that I have seen evidence of His kindness,
in so many ways.
I know God is good to me.

all losses are painful.
But, don’t lean on our own understanding,
when life doesn’t make sense,
don’t let it steals away our joy.
Be grateful to God for His goodness,
trust that He loves us and He cares.
God is faithful.
His grace is always sufficient.
God is good all the time.


Check this out:

“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:13‬ ‭ESV‬‬

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28‬ ‭ESV‬

3 Years Post Biopsy
Midline Pontine Glioblastoma/DIPG Grade IV

Now, I have palliative care.
No further treatment for me.
I have anxiety drugs in case I come to difficulty with breathing.
Palliative care nurse will come next week and assist us with what we need at home.

Currently I’m not able to see my doctor.
She may be on her holidays.
We communicated through email.
Although she’s not replying to us until now.
I feel a bit neglected by her.

I am getting worse rapidly, day by day.
For now, I increased dexamethasone to 18 mg daily. 10 mg after breakfast, 8 mg after lunch.

It doesn’t slow down my symptoms from worsening.
There are no new symptoms, but all my symptoms get more intense.
It pretty much limits everything I want to do. Every movement feels difficult.
I have difficulty with speaking.
I have difficulty walking even with a rollator at home,
I have difficulty moving out from bed,
I have difficulty moving my body,
I have severe head pressure,
I have severe double vision,
I have balance issues,
I have difficulty getting up from our sofa,
I have bowel issues to the point where I can’t control my bowel anymore,
I have tingling pain on my left arm and on my face,
I have weakness of my right arm,
I have many fits of laughter.
I need to be in a wheelchair when leaving my flat.
It’s difficult for me now, I no longer can deal with bumpiness and uneven roads, only a very smooth pavement.

Please go to “My Medical History” for more details.

Thanks for keeping me and my family in your prayers 🙏

PS: Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my posts.
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Saturday morning routine, go to bakery Meier and buy fresh bread
Then, usually after breakfast we go to grocery shopping
On Sunday, friends visited us.
On Monday, we went to nearby park.
I love feeding ducks and birds 😂
Oups. Ducks 🦆 fighting over bread 🥖
Even a swan 🦢 watching it 😬
The Maiers ♥️
Schlossgarten close to home
The Rhein river close to home.
You can go to Netherlands 🇳🇱 from here
I lost my sunglasses 🕶 a few months ago in Frankfurt hotel.
So I grabbed Tobias’ sunglasses 🕶 from car,
well too big, funny look, but don’t care la 😄
Coffee at the Rhein before we leave ☕️
Ha! First time a banana plant here 🍌
I wonder how long it’ll survive 🤓🧐😋
A block from home. Our local cafe.
Simple and cheap lunch 😁
Support our local business 😃
My favorite drink 🍹
Rhubarb Lemonade 😍
Rewe Supermarkt, a block from home.
Where I can get my local honey 🍯
Deutscher Honig 🍯
I’m still here 🥰
Behind the green screen 🤓
Thank God always for a new day 🥰
Happy weekend my friends ♥️🤗😘

12 Replies to “GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME”

  1. If we let him, God keeps us strong. If our spirit is not strong, we are weak and unhealthy. But you, dear Titien , have one of the strongest, healthiest spirit I think I have ever witnessed. Our physical life is fleeting, but our spirit life is eternal. I reckon you’ve wicked sense of humour too!

    1. Amen Marcus 🥰👍
      I’m not strong at all, but I have God and earthly Tobias who faithfully carries me.
      Stay shining and happy.
      Blessings to you ♥️😊

  2. Keep the spirit up Titien… Tq for sharing your story.. God always good.. Always.. HE loves you too much.. 🙏😇🙏

  3. Thank you for sharing your deep faith and your journey. I have so much admiration for you. My mom battled glioblastoma for 2.5 years and lived with a faith like yours. Reading your story has filled me with hope. Thank you!

    1. Hi Hillary,
      Thanks for sharing 👍😊
      Thanks for reading my stories and be inspired 😊.
      I wish you stay shining and happy and joyful.
      And yes you’re living loved with a rising hope surrounding you 🤗.
      Have a wonderful weekend Hillary ♥️

  4. Liebe Titien,
    I think two or three years ago we’ve met at the NCT-Lauf, with #teamschnipsflausch. We’ve talked a bit about my story (brain tumor) and yours. Perhaps you’re remembering me. Thank you for your words and updates here. I hope the palliative care is good. I wish Tobias and you only the best. I’ll keep you in mind.

    1. Hi Valentin,
      of course I remember you 😁
      I hope you are always happy and healthy 🥰🤗
      Thanks for reading my stories and I believe I’ll have good palliative care, don’t worry, I have Tobias with me.
      Stay strong ya
      Titien ♥️

  5. I’m so sorry you are suffering so & I am so sorry your dr. is not supporting you-as I believe she should. That has to be hard.
    But, I am so thankful & happy to see you post & to see you out & food pictures😍
    And that you have Tobias. I really hope you can feel my huge hug always. Always praying 🙏🏻

  6. Hi Titien
    I’m so sad to hear about your ongoing physical decline and fervently wish that a cure for DIPG will be found one day. This cruel disease is by no means rare. But I’m glad that you’re caught in the arms of Christ and your wonderful loving husband Tobias and still enjoy happy moments and outings with Tobias. Hopefully, your oncologist will get in touch with you soon. Judging from earlier posts, she seemed a caring lady.
    Your most recent post has amazed and inspired me a lot. Even if so many things happening to you and many other people are horrendous and anything but good (DIPG, COVID-19 pandemic, extreme police brutality in the US and many other parts of the world, little children kidnapped, abused and murdered by pedophiles), God still remains good. This would normally sound outrageous and unbelievable but coming from you in your current state of severe restrictions and suffering, I believe this statement to be authentic and true.
    I’m keeping you in my prayers and think of you and Tobias every day, hoping that your physical discomfort can be controlled as much as possible.
    Elisabeth (Eli, the ice cream monster)

    1. Hi Elisabeth,
      Thanks 🥰
      Yes, me and Tobias are enjoying every moment especially this summer, hmm many of us now become ice cream monsters (we are too, like you 😂 ).

      Yeah, I hope with this covid I still get the best treatment though😊 She’s nice only now overwhelmed with the pandemic 😬

      You’re right, our world is crazy, I’m very sad that so many people are forgetting that every person is sacred, we are special, and people just do to others to show their power, wealth etc.
      But I believe that God is just and holy. One day, all will be judged!

      Till then, keep shining, share love and kindness, stay happy and healthy.
      Thanks for remember us in your prayers and thoughts 🥰👍

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