I was talking to Ernest the other day. Ernest is our partner in Titien’s rainbow project providing help to school kids in remote Indonesian locations. He apologised for not yet having delivered all the shoes we bought with your help for Titien’s last project. Unfortunately, the travel restrictions in Indonesia due to the coronavirus-pandemic will also prevent this project from being completed in the near future.

Your donations after Titien died are still here on my accounts. I don’t want to wait indefinitely until I put them to good use. So I topped them up and asked Ernest to suggest an alternative educational project to help also in these times.

He came up with a project I think is worth supporting. He wants to help teachers who were not getting a salary during school lock-down – but who are still teaching kids remotely. He suggested to financially support 35 teachers in the Magetan Regency, East Java with your donations. The photo on top of this articles shows some of the teachers in 2019, before the pandemic.

I would like to transfer the received donations soon, so the teachers can be paid before Christmas. I hope you are happy with the use of your donations for this project. As usual, to make sure the funds reach their intended destination, the project will be documented photographically – and published here on the blog.

I wish you all a stress-free December. Stay safe and healthy.

Went to visit our tree again last Saturday. We had a little bit of snow that morning.